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EZ Pte Ltd

Licensed Moneylender | Registration: 201729436N

Address:150 South Bridge Road #01-02 Fook Hai Building Singapore 058727

Phone: +65 6220 0822

Email: info@ezmoneylender.sg

Website: https://www.ezmoneylender.sg/


Elite Investment & Credit Pte Ltd

Licensed Moneylender | Registration: 201010681C

Address:799 Geylang Road #01-01 Singapore 389680

Phone: +65 6970 7161

Email: info@elitemoneylender.sg

Website: https://elitemoneylender.sg/


Power Credit Enterprise Pte Ltd

Licensed Moneylender | Registration: 201528280Z

Address:1 Tras Link #01-11 Orchid Hotel Singapore 078867

Phone: +65 6443 2940

Email: info@powercredit.sg

Website: https://www.powercredit.sg/

Magnus Credit

Magnus Credit Pte Ltd

Licensed Moneylender | Registration: 200915589D

Address:35 Selegie Road #05-25
Parklane Shopping Mall
Singapore 188307

Phone:+65 6338 9891

Email: info@magnuscredit.com.sg

Website: https://www.magnuscredit.com.sg


Swift Credit Pte Ltd

Licensed Moneylender | Registration: 201716124H

Address:192 Waterloo St, #02-06 Skyline Building, Singapore 187966

Phone: +65 6684 4129

Email: info@swiftcredit.sg

Website: https://www.swiftcredit.sg/

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Bank Of Baroda

KeyNote-icon Business Category: Bank

9 Raffles Pl #34-02 Republic Plaza Singapore 048619

+65 6536 7749

Agricultural Bank Of China Limited

KeyNote-icon Business Category: Bank

7 Temasek Blvd #30-01/02/03 Suntec Tower One, Singapore 038987

+65 6535 5255

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